NBS Plans to Release 179 Reports in 2018, Says Dr. Yemi Kale


The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is set to release 179 reports on different sectors of the economy this year.

Dr. Yemi Kale, Statistician-General of the Federation and Chief Executive Officer of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), made this disclosure in the 2018 Statistician Message on the bureau’s website and made available to BrandSpur Nigeria.

According to the 2018 tentative data release calendar posted on the bureau’s Website, the NBS is expected to release a minimum of 40 data in the per quarter, with quarter two having the highest number of reports (see table below) to be released. However, the bureau will be releasing 40 reports in the first quarter of the year.


Publication Month Reports Per Month (No.) Quarterly Release
January 10 40
February 15
March 15
April 17 51
May 16
June 18
July 13 46
August 13
September 20
October 12 42
November 22
December 8
Total 179 179

Speaking on the past year, the Statistician-General said 2017 witnessed a considerable uptick in activities at the NBS. This, according to him, was driven in large part by an ever-growing demand for more and better data by governments, businesses, and citizens.

“In 2017, a total of 198 reports were released, an increase of 85% over 2016.” With the country’s emergence from economic recession in the second quarter came greater demand for data by policymakers and business leaders seeking to identify how to sustain the recovery, implement policies, prioritize programmes and ensure that the Nigerian economy gets on a more sustainable path of inclusive growth.

Data to be expected this will revolve around Consumer price index and inflation, price watch on diesel, petrol, and kerosene, Road transport data, exportable crops survey, prison statistics, pension asset and membership data, annual postal service data and food security survey report telecommunications data, monthly Federal Account Allocation Committee disbursements, gross domestic products and foreign trade merchandise etc.

“We are confident that the year will bring numerous opportunities for us to effectively support policymakers and look forward to another fulfilling year for us at the Bureau, our partners, and data users,’ Kale said.

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