2020 Global and Nigerian Political-Economic Outlook


The year 2019 drew the curtains on a decade and served as the perfect prelude for a new one. It was a decade of different strokes and mixed feelings for different folks. Nigeria went through 3 general elections in the last decade with the last one happening in 2019. As with General elections in Nigeria, the quality of governance and economic growth became the collateral damage for political and electoral brinkmanship in the preceding and succeeding years of the general elections?

How did Nigeria and the rest of the globe fare in the last decade leading to 2019, politically and economically? What key political-economic issues shaped the narratives in the last decade and particularly in 2019?

What is the political-economic outlook for the world and Nigeria in 2020 and the new decade? What economic signpost does Nigeria 2020 budget and raft of government policies present to Nigerians in 2020? What political-economic factors will impact the planning horizon for individuals, organizations, and institutions in 2020?

The attached 2020 Global and Nigerian Political Economic Outlook is an attempt to address a lot of these questions. It’s a very useful companion tool for strategic planning and policy hedging professionals!

Download the 2020 Global and Nigerian Political Economic Outlook Report here