Oyo State Government Says It Expended About 2.8 Billion Naira In The Fight Against COVID-19


Oyo state government has disclosed that the state expended about 2.8 billion naira in combating the further spread of coronavirus pandemic in the state.

The commissioner for finance, Mr Akinola Ojo made this known at a press briefing held at the Governor’s office.

The commissioner for finance explained that part of the expenses included about 900 million naira for items procured as palliatives for the vulnerable and farmers, 370 million naira for the infectious disease centre at Olodo apart from other isolation centres, 450 million naira for security and surveillance at the various state borders, 118 million naira to support the University College Hospital (UCH), 614 million naira for reagents, test kits, and other medical consumables, 321 million naira for purchase of ambulances amongst other expenditures.

Mr Akinola Ojo also noted that monies realized from financial donations into the state endowment fund were 378 million naira, adding that other financial contributions could be estimated to be 1.177 billion nairas as the state government was still expecting about 100 million naira to the state through the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The commissioner for finance stressed that monies donated to the state were still intact as expenses incurred in the fight against COVID-19 in the state had been solely stated government funds.

It was also disclosed that hazard allowances for health workers from March to June, would be paid to them this month, while journalists and other front line workers might be considered for hazard allowance following due consideration.