Prices of Tomato, Yam, Rice, increased in December – NBS

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Abeokuta, Nigeria Woman selling pepper sits over her wares in a market. | Image Credits: Omotayo Tajudeen

Prices of selected food items including eggs, tomatoes, yam, rice increased in December data from the National Bureau of Statistics have shown.

The NBS in its selected food price watch for December reported that the average price of 1 dozen of Agric eggs medium size increased year-on-year by 9.12% and month-on-month by 0.98% to N499.55 in December 2020 from N494.72 in November 2020 while the average price of a piece of Agric eggs medium size (the price of one) increased year-on-year by 11.49% and month-on-month by 1.43% to N45.40 in December 2020 from N44.75 in November 2020.

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According to NBS, the average price of 1kg of tomato increased year-on-year by 17.51% and decreased month-on-month by -1.92% to N310.10 in December 2020 from N316.16 in November 2020.

Also, the average price of 1kg of rice (imported high quality sold loose) increased year-on-year by 19.80% and month-on-month by 0.17% to N550.94 in December 2020 from N549.98 in November 2020.

Similarly, the average price of 1kg of yam tuber increased year-on-year by 12.89% and decreased month on month by -1.17% to N233.48 in December 2020 from N236.25 in November 2020.