5 Business Opportunities that a Landowner can exploit.

5 Business Opportunities that a Landowner can exploit BRANDSPURNG
Warm Spring Road, Ikogosi, Nigeria | Photo by Oshomah Abubakar | www.brandspurng.com

A landowner has various opportunities or ways by which the land can be utilized apart from selling it. A landowner needs to think like a good businessman and see opportunities where others are not looking.

In order for you to see that opportunity and seize it, you need to have a clear picture of where your land is located and how things are being run there, you have to consider the kind of development the location is undergoing and what kind of businesses thrive or can thrive in such places.

5 Business Opportunities that a Landowner can exploit BRANDSPURNG
Warm Spring Road, Ikogosi, Nigeria | Photo by Oshomah Abubakar | www.brandspurng.com

Here are five businesses that a Landowner can venture into:

1. Agriculture

Agriculture is a very good option for landowners especially if you can easily monitor the agricultural activities and you have money to venture into it. One can always start small and then scale. One way to build your farm as quickly as possible is to patronise indigenes around that area who are into farming if where you have landed is a bit rural.

They can have their own farm and still work for you. The indigenes would not just help you grow your farmland but also protect it.

Rearing of livestock for sale in another area of agriculture you can easily use your land for instead of having a farm or you can even do both depending on your motive for starting one.

There are so many types of livestock you can breed on a single land plot and it doesn’t even have to be a large plot.

2. Storage Facilities

You can build storage facilities on your land and give out for businesses and companies to use. In order to achieve this, you would need to put in place, a tight security network to ensure that goods stored here are safe.

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3. Open Field for events

If your land is located in a popular area it can be easily turned into a hot event spot for festivals, conventions, and corporate events. You can also rent it out for marriage ceremonies, church programmes and other social activities

4. Food Market

You don’t need to be directly involved in agriculture to make money from it. You can provide support service, make your land a farmer’s market or food market where farmers and buyers meet.

5. Recreational Centre

An open Field can be used for social gathering. Depending on the size of the land you can create a place where recreational different activities going on. An open field Hangout spot can be created where people come out to hang out over a bottle of beer or a location where couples can create experiences.

You can even use your land in the form of a park where people hangout for free. You can get vendors for food and drinks and those who provide fancy services to rent space in your park.

As a business-oriented landowner learn to see opportunities in the obvious and also opportunities where they seem not to exist.

You can always make the obvious seem less familiar and more attractive or make the unknown or less obvious seem more familiar in order for people to quickly adapt. People love ideas that seem a bit new but also love ideas that are obvious but can be utilized in an unexpected way.