10 Settings In The Facebook App Hidden Inside Various Menus Worth Trying

10 Settings In The Facebook App Hidden Inside Various Menus Worth Trying
10 Settings In The Facebook App Hidden Inside Various Menus Worth Trying

Facebook constantly adds new features to its mobile app for consumers. It could be bug fixes or additional functionality, depending on the situation. It can be difficult for you as a user to stay on top of all the modifications happening within the application, though. You probably won’t notice the changes described above or realize that you have the power to change something if something “more notable” doesn’t attract your attention.

This is due to the fact that the Facebook app offers many settings that could possibly enhance your UX, but the majority of them are concealed inside different menus. As a result, we’ll list some of the Facebook application’s most beneficial “hidden” settings.

Adjust Video Quality and Autoplay Options

Autoplay is initially enabled when you install the Facebook app. As the name implies, whenever you scroll through the newsfeed and when you come across a video, this feature instantly starts the video.

The benefits of automatic playback are technological. That won’t work for you if you’re on a connection with little Internet traffic, though, as it will quickly exhaust your mobile data allowance. By selecting “Never Autoplay Videos” under Settings & Privacy > Settings > Preferences > Media, you can disable this feature.

Also, to further enhance your app experience, you can change the video quality in this section while you’re there. There are various methods for doing this. You can first enable the app to modify the video quality in accordance with your network by checking the “Optimized” option. Also, you can activate the “Data Saver” feature if you want to conserve even more data. By modifying the video resolution, you can also alter the video quality for certain videos.

Customize the Facebook Shortcut Bar

A Shortcut bar with links to Home, Marketplace, Watch, etc. is seen at the bottom of the screen when the mobile Facebook application is opened. This Facebook shortcut bar can be modified to suit your needs (and wishes).

You can modify the settings to get rid of the Marketplace shortcut or the red notification dots that appear on the bar. Shortcuts can be found under Settings & Privacy > Settings. The notification dots and a shortcut bar can both be customized there.

Turn on Silent Mode and Daily Reminders

Facebook makes too much stuff available, which frequently “forces” you to waste time scrolling endlessly through the page. This frequently occurs when you receive a notification, examine it, and then continue scrolling through the stream to find out what’s going on. Nevertheless, there is a fix for it, at least in part. Here, we’re referring to “Silent Mode”.

The Facebook app’s “Silent Mode” suppresses alerts temporarily so that they won’t annoy you for a while. You can adjust Quiet mode to suit your preferences (e.g. from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or during working hours). Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Preferences > Your Time on Facebook > Manage Your Time to use this option.

You may also select how much time you would like to spend on Facebook from the same option. The “Daily Time Reminder” option is located here. This option, as its name suggests, gives you a reminder once you’ve used the app for a predetermined number of minutes each day (e.g. 45 min daily).

Create a Report to See Your Time Spent on Facebook

You can track how much time you spend using the Facebook app thanks to Facebook, which can help you make the most of your free time and possibly cut down on mindless app surfing. You may also request a weekly report to examine how you use Facebook and to look over a history of your posts, comments, and responses.

Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Preferences > Your time on Facebook > View your time to access the aforementioned report. Here, you can enable the “Weekly update” option to receive automatic weekly reports and view a graph of the program usage.

Continuous Uploading of Contacts

As you’re aware, Facebook allows you to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers. You must use the Facebook search tool to look up someone’s name in order to locate them on this network. There may be instances where you locate numerous people using the exact same name, though, as some people refrain from using their genuine names.

You can interact with your Facebook connections by synchronizing your phone contact list with the app using the “Continuous Contact Upload” option. This makes communicating with others simpler and easier overall. By heading to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Permissions > Upload Contacts, you can enable or disable this feature. As you turn it on, a screen where you initially import your contacts to look for your pals will appear. Just disable the option if you no longer want to share this data with Facebook.

Dark Mode

Dark mode makes it easier for you to focus on content at night and less taxing on your eyes. Moreover, your phone’s battery life is improved. Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Preferences > Dark Mode to turn on dark mode. You will be given three choices by the application: “On”, “Off”, and “Use system settings”.

Use System Settings simulates the settings on your phone. Facebook will additionally feature a light theme if the device is in “light mode”. Facebook will be in dark mode if there’s dark mode enabled on your phone.

Open Links Externally

Facebook includes a built-in web browser that lets you access external links from within the app. To conveniently bookmark web pages and log in when necessary, you might, however, want to open URLs in your default web browser.

You can do this on Facebook by using the settings. Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Preferences > Media to enable this option. Check the “Links Open Externally” option after scrolling to the bottom. The application will now switch you to the default web browser whenever you access a link. It’s a good idea when you find something on Facebook which you want to continue reading (e.g. news), shopping (e.g. visiting an e-shop’s site who’s add popped up on Facebook), playing something (e.g. roulette game on any of Nigerian casino sites who’s bonus offer drew your attention), etc.

Saving Data on the Mobile Network

Facebook includes a ton of stuff, including pictures, videos, and text postings, as you are undoubtedly aware. Facebook will “eat off” a sizable portion of your mobile data plan if you use it while using mobile data (i.e., while you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi). The good news is that you can save data by using the Facebook app’s “Data Saver” option, which lowers the quality of videos and photographs.

Facebook claims that when you enable the Data Saver setting, it uses 40% fewer data. Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Preferences > Media to enable it. This particular option can be found here along with other helpful media-related settings. Check out the other options and any potential changes.

Customize Facebook Reels Settings

Similar to Instagram, the Facebook app also enables you to make and view “Reels”, or short movies. Additionally, the application’s settings let you control the Reels themselves, who has access to them, and your sharing choices.

Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Audience and Visibility > Reels to find these choices. You can choose to only show certain people or only those on your friend list in this section. You can prevent viewers from sharing your Reels with others. Reels can also be deleted from Facebook if you’d want, which will prevent you from seeing them in the future.

Check Wi-Fi and Mobile Network Performance

You may obtain some important information about your Internet connection and the accessible public Wi-Fi connections by going to Settings & Privacy > Wi-Fi & Cellular Performance.

You can test your mobile network’s speed and the local signal strength if you’re connected to one. Also, it enables you to check the speed of your Wi-Fi connection and locate open public Wi-Fi hotspots on a map. By pressing the gear icon in the top right, you can also control location settings and network notifications.