Redbreast Irish Whiskey Teams Up With Cian Ducrot To Shed Light On The Loss Of Morning Bird Song With Wake Up Call Performance

  • 1 in 8 bird species are on the brink of extinction, yet a significant 48% of the general population remains unaware about this decline in numbers[1]
  • To mark Robin Redbreast Day, 16th Nov, Cian and the Irish Whiskey brand unite to promote awareness of the dwindling bird population.

LONDON, UK – Media OutReach – 16 November 2023 – With global bird populations in decline, skies may soon be empty of melodies. If the birds disappear, the silence will be deafening. This year on Robin Redbreast Day, Redbreast Irish Whiskey and singer-songwriter and social media star, Cian Ducrot, have taken to the streets of London in the early hours of the morning to give the city a much needed wake up call to raise awareness of declining bird populations.