Nigeria Innovation Summit 9.0 Shocks Nigerians, Announces Theme

Nigeria Innovation Summit 9.0 Shocks Nigerians, Announces Theme
Nigeria Innovation Summit 9.0 Shocks Nigerians, Announces Theme

The date and theme of the 9th edition of The Nigeria Innovation Summit’s (NIS) annual event has been announced. The event is slated to be held on Wednesday, October 2, 2024, at Muson Centre, Lagos.

The theme of this year’s summit will be titled: ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’. The Summit is an annual event that brings together critical stakeholders from different sectors of the economy to discuss ground-breaking ideas, trends, opportunities, and numerous verticals to accelerate innovation and solutions that solve unique challenges within Nigeria and the African continent at large. Some National and local brands always anticipate it with the mind of gaining nuggets.

Furthering, every year is a new year for local brands as the summit provides a platform that fosters collaborations among startups, innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses, policymakers, the academic community, and international organizations. NIS also provides opportunities for Nigerian innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas, products, and services with solutions for industrial applications, adoption, and commercialisation.

Mr. Tony Ajah, the Programme Director of the summit, while making announcements for this year’s Summit, states, “An innovative culture is essential for national development and provides opportunities for economic growth. As leading nations around the world have used the culture of innovation to improve the quality of their lives, Nigeria should not be left out.

“To establish this culture of innovation in our society, we must build strong institutions at all levels that embrace innovation as a way of life, and that leverage emerging technologies to solve critical local problems. When properly done, this will reduce the innovation deficit in the country and increase productivity,”

With this, NIS will bring in experts within the Nigeria innovation ecosystem and around the world, for 9 consecutive years to connect, share ideas, and collaborate. This year’s event will feature insightful discussions, innovation experience talks, innovative showcases, startup pitches, and exhibitions focusing on healthtech, agritech, renewable energy and cleantech, fintech, real estate, edutech, techtainment, startup/entrepreneurship development, among others.

Adding, participation in this event will be a talk of business and economic news, and will be open to local and international businesses, innovators, start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, government agencies, embassies/high commissions, investors, research centres, academic community, companies/organisations, and all the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.

Great opportunities through sponsorship, partnership, and exhibitions of innovative products, ideas, and services will be offered by the NIS Innovation Summit 9.0. For more inquiries and participation, please visit: