Oxford Cabin Biscuit – still a gem 60 years later

Oxford Cabin Biscuit - still a gem 60 years later
Oxford Cabin Biscuit - still a gem 60 years later [Twitter/@MoPride_]

Oxford cabin biscuit was introduced in 1960 and is as old as Nigeria yet it just got rebranded ahead of Nigeria. The oxford biscuit just like Nigeria had its glorious days. Days where when you call Cabin biscuit, you are referring to oxford biscuit, the brand was as powerful as when Nigeria stood as the Giant of Africa, maybe as Oxford decided to evolve, Nigeria would one day.

Oxford Cabin Biscuit - still a gem 60 years later

Oxford Cabin Biscuit - still a gem 60 years later
Oxford Cabin Biscuit – still a gem 60 years later [Twitter/@MoPride_]
Most people call Oxford biscuit, Cabin. Oxford was bearing the category name for biscuits of its kind. So what is Cabin? Cabin is the generic name for a kind of bread staple that is typically hard, flattened and mostly unsweetened.

Back in the days, Oxford Cabin biscuit came in a square box and was served on special occasions and during recreation activities. Who remembers those birthday parties that turned out well cause the Oxford cabin biscuit was there to compliment the firewood Jollof Rice made or can you remember the house fellowship and church gatherings where Oxford cabin biscuit was shared.

The Oxford Cabin biscuit was eaten in creative ways such as dipping the biscuit in tea, spreading butter over the biscuit and preparing milk and crushing the biscuits into it. This shows how the cabin biscuit is remembered when in need of a snack or light appetizer.

Over the years, the biscuit has undergone changes in size and probably quality but the increase in competition seems to have also contributed to the decline in the appearance of the biscuit in the marketplace. The brand has, however, recently rebranded with biscuits packaged in nylons probably to avoid the biscuit getting soft once opened and also this automatically provides a sharing formula for those who enjoy eating the biscuits with colleagues, friends and family members.

Oxford Cabin Biscuit - still a gem 60 years later
Oxford Cabin Biscuit – still a gem 60 years later [Twitter/@MoPride_]
The repackaging is good but they have to act beyond that. They can sell the biscuits as one that holds memories and use the power of nostalgia to build the brand and appeal to people who hold their memories dear.

Oxford Cabin Biscuit - still a gem 60 years later
Oxford Cabin Biscuit – still a gem 60 years later – www.brandspurng.com

They can also sell by tapping into occasions and activities that people hold dear and position the brand as one needed on different occasions and moments that we share, selling this allows the brand comes to mind when certain events or occasions are being planned for.

Another way to build their brand and increase sales is to create new usages of how the biscuit can be eaten while highlighting the older ways to eat and enjoy the Oxford cabin biscuit. Creating new product usage helps people have choices in how their cabin biscuits can be enjoyed.

Standing out from others is not an easy task for oxford cabin biscuits as there are other cabin biscuits but when others zig, Oxford Cabin biscuit needs to zag and let the name do the wonders for them, move beyond the noise of the competition and create a brand that stands the test of time.


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