BJAN Unveils Plans to Mark 2020 Consumer Rights Day


The Brand Journalists Association of Nigeria (BJAN) has concluded plans to hold the 2020 World Consumer Rights Day in Lagos.

BJAN will mark the 8th edition of its Consumer Rights Day with the theme ‘Sustainable Consumer Behaviour’.

BJAN Unveils Plans to Mark 2020 Consumer Rights Day - Brand Spur

The World Consumer Right Day, an annual event is organized as part of BJAN’s effort to join the rest of the global community with consumer advocate(s) invited to speak to consumers on the need to be global change agents to avert environmental breakdown.

This year, BJAN will embark on a walk to sensitize consumers on their rights and the need to be a sustainable consumer as the association will be embarking on drainage clearing, cleaning and picking of food package materials littering the streets.

This year’s edition falls on Sunday, March 15, 2020, as a result of that the association has resolved to celebrate it on Saturday, March 14, 2020.

According to the Chairman of the Association, Mr. Princewill Ekwujuru said: “In order to protect the planet, provide fair social conditions for current and future generations, we need to think about the way we produce consumer goods and services. The aim of sustainable consumption is to increase resource efficiency and fair trade while helping to alleviate poverty and enable everyone to enjoy a good quality of life with access to food, water, energy, medicine and more.”

He added that “The decision to join the rest of the global community in celebrating consumers is to deepen the campaign and discuss the need for sustainable consumption globally, as well as highlighting the important role that consumer rights and protection can play.”

“This exercise is the association’s little way to compliment the efforts of the Lagos State Government and producers of these products in keeping the drainages and streets clean, he said.

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The association and stakeholders in the industry will assemble at Obafemi Awolowo House, (Ikeja under-bridge) by 8:00 am to enable them to embark on the cleaning exercise, especially the clearing of PET bottles and other materials blocking drainages, and littering the streets.

Brand Journalists Association of Nigeria (BJAN) is the umbrella body of practicing journalists covering brands, marketing, advertising, and Public Relations beat in Nigeria.