Hong Kong SMEs Show Signs of Uptake of Sustainability and ESG, Despite Limited Risk Awareness


HKU Survey throws light on how to make sustainability and ESG more relatable to Hong Kong SMEs, enabling the sector to involve more and driving real impact

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 28 July 2022 – ESG and sustainability issues alike have been moving up the corporate agenda in recent years. According to Google Search Trend, the keyword ‘ESG’ search popularity in Hong Kong has been soaring and surpassed ‘Sustainability’ in May this year. However, public curiosity about the topic doesn’t seem to convert into actual practice, according to the territory-wide small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) sustainability survey (the Survey) conducted by the Centre for Civil Society and Governance (CCSG) at The University of Hong Kong. From November 2021 to April 2022, the Survey solicited views from 1,400 SMEs (SMEs) in Hong Kong to understand their perceptions, practices, and preparedness towards achieving sustainability.


About the Centre for Civil Society and Governance of The University of Hong Kong

Established in December 2002, the Centre for Civil Society and Governance (the Centre) strives to enhance our knowledge of civil society and its contribution towards good governance, and to facilitate the attainment of a sustainable society through forging community-based, innovative solutions to inform policy deliberation and collective actions. The work of the Centre is organized around three Labs—the Policy for Sustainability Lab (PSL), the Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Action Lab (SECAL), and the Nonprofits and Philanthropy Lab (NPPL); each of them representing a research focus and an area of excellence of the Centre. More details: