10 Nigerian Movies to Watch on Netflix this Weekend

10 Nigerian Movies to Watch on Netflix this Weekend

A lot of Nigerian movies have come out on Netflix recently. If you’ve been looking for what to watch and you’re not sure where to start from, check out these movies below.


Of course, we would start from Citation by Kunle Afolayan. The film is about a student who speaks out after a university professor attempts to rape her and the reaction of the university institution to the claims. The film is broadly based on true events.


A convicted murderer is released from prison and reunites with his wife, who is plotting revenge against him after years of physical and emotional abuse.

The Governor

The Governor” is the riveting tale of Angela Ochello, the Deputy Governor of Savannah State, who with no governorship ambitions finds herself suddenly entangled in a web of political intrigue after the untimely death of the incumbent Governor.

As audiences embark on this journey with Angela, they get to see how with the help of her trusted Chief of Staff, she learns how to manoeuvre through the rough and shark-infested waters of politics whilst balancing the demands of her matrimonial home.

Coming From Insanity

In the mid-nineties, a 12-year-old boy (KOSSI) with genius-level intelligence, is one of many children trafficked through the Nigerian borders from Togo. He ends up with the MARTINS, an upper-middle-class family of 4 in Lagos.

At their home, he will work overtime for his meals and shelter as a houseboy. Fast forward to the present day, Kossi is still a houseboy with the Martins. He dreams of a better life, but with barely any education, he knows his future is compromised.

He relies on his natural abilities and talent to carve out a way for himself, soon discovering the art of counterfeit money printing and floating the most flawless counterfeit dollars this side of the world. Now out on his own, he employs the services of a few friends and grows the operation substantially, landing him on the radar of a young determined agent at the EFCC who will stop at nothing to bring him to justice.

The Eve

A man has second thoughts about his upcoming wedding when he meets another woman at his bachelor party.

Hire A Woman

An uptight man attempts to make his ex-girlfriend jealous when he pays his co-worker to act as his lover at a university reunion. Starring: Alexx Ekubo, Nancy Isime, Mike Godson.

Taxi Driver (Oko Ashewo)

After his father dies, a young mechanic moves to the city to drive the old man’s taxi. Along the way, he encounters assassins and a motley crew of other urban weirdos.

The First Lady

A prostitute who is tired of the kind of work she does doing everything in her power to stop and also looking unto a man to save her from her predicament

Black Rose

Rose has a firm understanding of the virtuous woman as imparted by her mother, not so practised by her sister. Her desire for a better life without selling her dignity seems to be in the person of Desmond, a man she fell in love with at first sight regardless of their differences.

Meet the in-laws

A Yoruba man proposes to his Igbo girlfriend, but when the news eventually reaches their parents, their reactions aren’t exactly what they expected due to tribal prejudice.

By: Dammy Eneli